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We provide guarantees, success and track record in the asset management and investments market.
Take control with our all-in-one multiple investment packages such as Forex PAMM/MAM investment package, Agriculture, Real estate (property) investments and more.

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Our goal is to enhance lives by providing a safe avenue, inspired by effective and innovative solutions for investing in the different, emerging financial markets in order to improve our investors' financial situation and ultimately provide them financial freedom.


wealthtradingltd.com Capital Group helps you grow your money

wealthtradingltd.com, a pioneer of commisssion free investing, gives you access to investing and more ways to make your money work harder for you. Whether you're new to investing or a seasoned pro, it's time to partner with a company that believes you could and should be getting more from your money.

Lucrative Investment opportunity at your fingertips.

wealthtradingltd.com is dedicated to helping investors around the world reach their desired investment goals and broaden their financial horizons.
We provide investment products and solutions to our clients across the world. Our breadth of investment capabilities is extensive and among the most innovative within the market.

wealthtradingltd.com was founded on a simple but revolutionary idea that an investment company should be run for the sole benefit of its investors. And so wealthtradingltd.com was designed to be different, removing outside owners and outside interests from the equation. Because of our investor-owned structure, wealthtradingltd.com's success can only be measured by your success.

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Choose from our array of 4 different investment packages and get started investing.

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Our goal is to make investing in financial markets more affordable, more intuitive, and more fun, no matter how much experience you have(or don't have)
Whatever your circumstances, we offer wealth planning and investment management that is appropriate, personal, honest and clear. And whatever your ambitions, we are there to help you use investing in the financial markets to enrich your life.

We are committed to offering high-performing investment packages to our investors.

Our primary focus has been on emerging and rapid growth investment markets with an emphasis on Agriculture, Forex (PAMM/MAM),Gold, Real Estate, and other top performing investment solutions. We are proud to work to the highest ethical standards of Bitcoin mining and other trading strategies. We are pleased to offer some of the most dynamic and high-performing investment packages available.


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Invest in Forex, Real Estate, gold and other high-performing investment packages on our Intuitive,
easy-to-use and powerful platform

Due to the professionalism of our employees and the introduction of cutting-edge trading facilities, we manage to provide top-quality investment services at minimal costs. We currently have about 15 million plus investors globally and about 90-120 new investment accounts opened daily.

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wealthtradingltd.com Capital Group INVESTMENTS

The Revolution In asset investments Management
We offer our investors access to high-growth investment opportunities in the financial markets through the utility of state-of-the-art technical facilities and the implementation of industry standard trading strategies. We are pleased to offer some of the most dynamic and high-performing investments services available.

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Earn more - invest tax-free

The Government lets you invest up to £20,000 each year tax-free in an ISA. You can 'wrap' any wealthtradingltd.com Capital investment in an ISA, so that you don't pay tax on the interest you earn, and you can transfer in any other ISAs you have and invest those too. For investors in the United Kingdom (UK) only.

What our investors are saying about us

We use the reviews of our investors as the yard stick to measure how well or otherwise we are doing in the dispensation of our services to our investors all over the world.
We are always happy to share the positive reviews of our investors and improve on the areas we have been found wanting.

Built for you

Our platform is designed for everybody. You can manually pick your own investment package and let our qualified professionals and automated systems manage your investments for you. And if you need help, there are real people to talk to via our live chat.

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Our Investors:

Professional asset/investment managers and financial analysts

With employees in more than 40 locations worldwide, our operations extend across global financial capitals and important regional centres. This brings us closer to our investors around the world, and provides invaluable asset management and investments services to our investors.
We combine our deep knowledge of local markets with the power of coordinated global oversight to drive better investment outcomes for you.

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wealthtradingltd.com is secured

Guaranted protection. When we say that you are secured we really mean it. We have built one of the world most sophisticated security system that have never been compromised. Members records are kept confidential from third parties.


Fully regulated & invested funds are protected by insurance

Our company is fully regulated by the FCA and CySec and your funds are, additionally, covered by our insurance policy so you don't have to worry about losing your invested capital.

Lucrative Investment opportunity at your fingertips.

Combining high-quality, focused investment management with a rich service experience.

Bringing together the specialist areas of expert investment management and holistic financial advice to provide you with a robust and personalised strategy for achieving your financial objectives.

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